Welcome to Creative Speech Berlin!

– feel the heartbeat of Europe, breathe the famous „Berlin air“ and enjoy an atmosphere of ease. Berlin is a young city, but you can find the history of the 20th Century on every corner. Creative Speech Berlin offers a full time speech-training course that aims to develop your individual creativity and to rediscover speech in its creative power. It’s a course that gives you the fundamental skills to change the world of performance, social arts, communication and therapy.


What is unique?

Creative Speech Berlin began as a pilot project inspired by the transcultural life and art scene in Berlin and by the fact that Creative Speakers are urgently needed. Using English as the transfer language, you study the original foundations of creative speech given by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920’s in German. The transfer into the respective mother tongue is individually designed.


What is creative speech?

„The sounds are the masters.“ – Rudolf Steiner

There are many options when translating the German term „Sprachgestaltung“: speech design, speech formation, speech shaping … but these translations tend to catch only partial aspects.
We learn our mother language unconsciously and all the same we use it our whole lives as an „information vehicle“ and nothing more. It is rarely used as an immediate expression of our emotion. Artistic speech is at most still realized in stage art, but language has infinite possibilities to enlarge our whole life with ease and beauty.
Initially language design means learning to HEAR in order to rediscover this creative power of speech itself in its malleable, musical approach and ARTISTIC potency. Since the artistic moment itself is always creative, the translation „creative speech“ seemed to us the most coherent.

Creative Speech was developed by Rudolf and Marie Steiner at the beginning of the 20th century. It’s based on the perception that language itself is something essential. So the methodology of this new approach to artistic speech is not primarily based on the human physical instrument but on the willingness of the speaker to form organs of perception for the malleable, musical and rhythmical qualities of speech itself. Sound, syllable, word, sentence and text are a kind of „obvious secret“. The individual way to reveal this secret is at the same time the physical and spiritual training path to become a professional creative speaker.

In the first three years of life each person learns more with the three most fundamental human abilities both qualitatively and quantitatively than they do in the rest of their entire lives. These three abilities are: walking upright, speaking and thinking. Thus speaking forms a middle part and a transition between movement and rest, sleeping will and alert self-consciousness, nascent state and coagulated notion. Speech design is a present-day triad of movement, sensation and meaningful self-confidence.